14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (2023)

Students can be rewarded for good grades on their grades!

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (1)

Has your child recently gotten good grades on their report card? Not only can they get high praise, but they can also get sweet rewards and other benefits for their good grades! Below we've listed restaurants and other businesses that offer great discounts and freebies for students.

Important note: The following promotions vary by location, so be sure to check if your local restaurant or business is participating before you load the kids in the car to get good grades.

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (2)

1. Free kids meals at Applebee's.

Students (under the age of 12) who excel academically (or in other areas as determined by the teacher) are entitled to"A" er for Applebee's Rewards CardRedeem a free meal from the Applebee's kids menu. Promotional cards must be completed in full by the teacher.

Applebee's provides each teacher with a reward card and bulletin board. Teachers may issue cards even if the school does not use a grading system, or they may even recognize student achievement in non-academic areas.

The only way to get an Applebee Rewards Card A is through a teacher, so you can tell your child's teacher about this program by:this link.

Balder:Need an adult drink? reviewApplebee's drink of the month is here!

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (3)

2. Some banks pay cash for good transcripts.

Many financial institutions offer monetary awards (some as high as $10 per print!) or special discounts for good grades.the south's first national bankThis is just an example.

Check with your local banks, credit unions and insurance companies to see if they offer similar services. You can usually get more information by visiting the bank or insurance company's website or chatting with an employee.

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (4)

3. Get free scoops at selected Baskin-Robbins locations.

manybath robbersPlaces is giving away a free scoop of ice cream for a good score!

Because these franchises are independently owned, offerings and qualification levels vary from location to location. So be sure to check your local Baskin-Robbins' participation before heading out to claim your free ice cream!

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (5)

4. Coldstone Creamery also rewards good grades with free ice cream.

Many Coldstone stores have been known to give away free ice cream to kids with good grades on their report cards. But like Baskin-Robbin's products, practices vary from place to place.

Be sure to contact your localCool Stone DairyConfirm your participation!

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (6)

5. Your student may be entitled tofind good gradesreward program.

Discover offers a one-time reward for each new Discover student loan to undergraduate and graduate students with a GPA of at least 3.0.

Learn more about the Discover Good Grades rewards program here.

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (7)

6. Good grades can order chicken nuggets for freeChick-fil-A.

Some Chick-fil-A restaurants reward good grades (A and B) with free 8 chicken nuggets. This practice varies by location, so check with your local restaurants to see if they participate.

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (8)

7. Many car insurance companies offer discounts for good ratings.

If you have young drivers in your family, then you know that it can add them to your car insuranceCarloIn fact, the average cost is $1,830 per year!

Fortunately, many insurance companies offer great discounts for high school and college students to succeed academically. Ratings and savings vary by insurer, but the average discount is around 4%.

We wrote a helpful post with more information aboutWhich insurance companies offer big discounts for students, and potential savings for your young driver.

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (9)

8. Some Burger King restaurants reward good grades with free food!

studenti standA free hamburger or ice cream for scoring 100% on the test. This offer is limited to one free burger per week per child, including homeschooled families! contact yourlocal restaurantsConfirm participation.

Balder:Hungry for more offers?Check out the latest Burger King coupons here!

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (10)

9. Chuck E. Cheese offers free chips with almost everything.

At Chuck E. Cheese, you can choose from a wide variety of awards so that all students can celebrate their achievements. They offer incentives such assuper elevpris, hediploma, and even special rewardsdo homework!

To claim each prize, simply print a free certificate and fill it out at home. When your child reaches their goal, they can turn in their certificate for 10 free chips to play at Chuck E. Cheese. Please note that each child can only get one certificate per year.

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14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (11)

10. Enjoy a family meal at Jason's Deli.

Jason's Deli rewards students ages 1-12 for good grades, hard work or kindnessprogram children cash.Kids Cash is only valid at participating Jason's Deli restaurants and is valid for dine-in only. Fairfill out this formYour local sales manager will get back to you within 5-7 days.

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (12)

11. Good students win delicious foodDonutTranscription Rewards!

At participating Krispy Kreme locations, students can receive up to 6 free original glazed donuts or a 3-pack of donuts of their choice for good grades on their report cards! be sureContact your local donut shopConfirm participation.

Birthday time?Take a look175 birthday gifts, coupons and dealsTo help you celebrate your big day, many Krispy Kreme locations are giving away 10 free donuts on your big day!

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (13)

12. Those with excellent grades will receive a free McDonald's Happy Meal or value meal.

If your K-5 students do well, they may be awarded a free Happy Meal for their grades! Pupils in grades 6-12. class gets a free meal when they bring their report card. This promotion may vary from location to location, so be sure to do socall your local restaurantbefore you leave.

Balder:Looking for more ways to save money at McDonald's?!

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (14)

13. Good students get free Peter Piper pizza.

students haveLocation of Peter Piper PizzaNearby, you can score a free 7-inch pizza with one topping as your good report. Teachers distribute coupons directly to eligible students.

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (15)

14. Sonic Drive-In may offer complimentary Honor Roll or Perfect Attendance menu items.

Participating Sonic Drive-Ins may award positive behavior support certificates for honors, full participation and birthdays. Each certificate includes a coupon for a free Sonic menu item. This gift of good grades is only available through schools, church organizations, programs and clubs.

¿ Amas Sonic?look at the latestHere are the Sonic Menu and Happy Hour specials!

14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (16)

15. Elev AAndCouple B is treated at Wendy's.

Students attending Wendy's locations can receive a free gift when students present their A's and B's to the cashier. Be sure to contact yourlocal restaurantsConfirm participation before making a special trip for your gift.

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14 of the best rewards and gifts for overachieving students (17)

16. Marco's Pizza offers free pizza to A-level students (even in college).

Participating Marco's Pizza locations can serve students from kindergarten through collegeFree one ingredient pizzaGet an A on their transcript. Contact your local restaurant to confirm participation.

Do you have teenagers looking for work? These companies employ 14 and 15 year olds!


What is the best rewards to the students? ›

ideas for class rewards
  • Have class outside.
  • Extra recess.
  • Free time (even 5-10 minutes is appreciated)
  • Dance party.
  • Play a game.
  • Bring in / make food for the class.
  • Fun Friday (do something fun together as a class)
  • Movie during lunch.

How do you reward students for good behavior? ›

11 Inexpensive Behavior Plan Rewards for Students
  1. Cheap Behavior Plan Rewards. ...
  2. Lunch with a Friend Coupon. ...
  3. Homework Passes. ...
  4. Stickers. ...
  6. Special Pencils. ...
  7. Bring a Stuffed Animal to School Day. ...
  8. Extra Tech Time.

What rewards do teachers want? ›

15 Teacher Reward Ideas
  • Lifesaver Award. ...
  • Teacher of the Week. ...
  • Professional Lunch. ...
  • Beat the Buses. ...
  • Time. ...
  • Principal's Parking Spot. ...
  • Teacher Profile on the Morning News. ...
  • Professional Development Lead.
Apr 22, 2022

What are positive rewards? ›

Examples of Social Rewards

Affection – includes hugs, kisses, a high five, a smile, a pat on the back, or an arm around the shoulder. Praise – Praise happens when parents say things like “Great job,” “Way to go,” or “Good boy/girl.” However, specific (or labeled) praise tells a child exactly what behavior you liked.

How do you motivate students without rewards? ›

How to Motivate Your Child Without Rewards
  1. Make it a game. If you are trying to encourage your child to do something, think about how it could be turned into a game or race. ...
  2. Give choices. ...
  3. Rephrase. ...
  4. Accept “good enough”. ...
  5. Tap into intrinsic motivation.
Oct 4, 2018

What can I reward my students with? ›

Reward Ideas to be Received by Students
  • Receive a “free assignment” card.
  • Earn school supplies.
  • Earn tokens toward a larger reward.
  • Raffle ticket or prize box.
  • Receive a good behavior certificate.
  • Receive a sticker.
  • Receive a bookmark.

What do you put in a high school prize box? ›

Tangible Rewards
  1. Stickers.
  2. Candy.
  3. Healthy snacks.
  4. Water bottle.
  5. Small toys like bouncy balls, cars, sticky hands, wiggly straws, yo-yos, etc.
  6. Dress-up jewelry and accessories.
  7. School supplies like pencils, notebooks, pencil pouches, erasers, crayons, markers, bookmarks, chalk, etc.
  8. Plastic toy animals.

What are the most common types of rewards? ›

There are two types of rewards—tangible and intangible. Tangible rewards are money, vacations, and material objects. The best way to use money as a reward is to give a specific amount as a bonus directly related to the performance of a task or the achievement of a goal.

What are 3 rewards that can be used to reinforce behavior? ›

Rewards such as stickers, praise, money, toys, and more can be used to reinforce learning.

How do you reward students without candy? ›

walk with a teacher during lunch. eat lunch with a teacher or principal. design a class/school bulletin board. be recognized during announcements.

What are two rewards for good Behaviour? ›

Give your child affection as a reward.

Using affection as a reward can be an effective way to let your child know you approve of their behavior. You may give your child a high five, a pat on the back, arm or shoulder, or a big smile. You can also display other forms of affection, like hugs or kisses.

What do teachers really want from their students? ›

They want them to come prepared, focused, and motivated. They want students to enjoy the learning process and to be active participants in the learning process. Teachers want students to be respectful. They want students to respect their authority.

What is most rewarding as a teacher? ›

The Rewards of Becoming a Teacher
  • Impacting Students' Lives. Everyone has a “favorite teacher” story from their school days. ...
  • Transferable Skills. Teachers also learn transferable skills that allow them to become educators in any location. ...
  • Work-Life Balance. ...
  • Collaboration. ...
  • Marian University Masters in Education Programs.
Aug 16, 2022

What are five rewards examples? ›

Examples of rewards that are this category usually include:
  • Bonus. A bonus is a financial incentive that employees receive in addition to their set salary or wages. ...
  • Profit-sharing. ...
  • Stock options. ...
  • Merit pay. ...
  • Fringe benefits. ...
  • Public recognition. ...
  • Paid leaves. ...
  • Professional development training.
Dec 5, 2022

What are the three types of reward? ›

The 3 Key Types Of Rewards
  • Intrinsic rewards: Rewards that are non-tangible but results in higher levels of job satisfaction. ...
  • Extrinsic rewards: Tangible rewards that staff receive upon doing a good job. ...
  • Financial rewards: Positively adding to the overall employees' financial status.
Dec 24, 2020

What are the 5 core categories of rewards? ›

Many companies choose to split their rewards up into five categories: compensation, benefits, work-life, performance and recognition, and employee development.

How do you motivate dull students? ›

A List Of Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation
  1. Give students a sense of control. ...
  2. Be clear about learning objectives. ...
  3. Create a threat-free environment. ...
  4. Change your scenery. ...
  5. Offer varied experiences. ...
  6. Use positive competition. ...
  7. Offer rewards. ...
  8. Give students responsibility.
Dec 11, 2021

What can I use instead of reward system? ›

7 Great Alternative Ways to Reward Employees
  • Offer Flexibility as a reward: ...
  • Provide more amenities at work: ...
  • Rework their salary structure to include additional or allied benefits: ...
  • Find creative ways to recognise individual accomplishments: ...
  • Give employees an opportunity to contribute to social good:

What is an example of a reward? ›

Some examples are- an impressive job title, career growth, personal achievements, praises, etc. Extrinsic rewards are tangible rewards that employees receive upon doing good work. It includes bonuses, raises, gifts, etc. Intrinsic rewards make employees feel valued in a company.

What are tangible rewards in the classroom? ›

Tangible rewards are physical objects (i.e., toys and stickers) or desired activities (i.e., time on the computer) given to children by caregivers when a desired task or behavior is completed as requested.

What are examples of tangible rewards? ›

Examples of tangible rewards include:
  • Pay raise.
  • Cash bonus.
  • Gift card (Amazon, local spa, restaurant, etc.)
  • Gym membership.
  • Free merchandise (apparel, a watch, Apple AirPods, concert tickets, etc.)
  • Food basket.

What are good things to put in a prize box? ›

Here are some classroom prize box ideas to get you started.
  • Small toys you can buy multiples of together (Yoyos, bouncy balls, etc.)
  • Sweets and candy. ...
  • A badge they can keep for a week that gives them special leadership duties.
  • Stationery items (pencils, erasers, etc.)
  • Healthy snacks.

What are extrinsic rewards for high school students? ›

An extrinsic reward provides a tangible incentive for students to do a specific thing. Things like candy, stickers, a small toy, extra recess, and class parties are common extrinsic rewards used by elementary teachers.

What types of prizes are there? ›

Hierarchical prizes, where the best award is "first prize", "grand prize", or "gold medal". Subordinate awards are "second prize", "third prize", etc., or "first runner-up" and "second runner-up", etc., or "silver medal" and "bronze medal". (In some contests, "grand prize" is more desirable than "first prize".)

What are the 4 types of rewards? ›

4 types of employee reward systems
  • Monetary. You can create a reward system based on monetary compensation, like a bonus. ...
  • Non-monetary. For teams that prefer perks other than bonuses, a non-monetary rewards system may help motivate them. ...
  • Assistance. ...
  • Recognition.
Mar 10, 2023

Which type of reward is the most powerful and why? ›

Research shows that using money as a reward for performance often reduces motivation because it's an extrinsic reward. Instead, the most powerful motivators are intrinsic rewards—personal enjoyment and satisfaction of making progress toward meaningful goals.

What are the 5 3 real life rewards? ›

Provide Card 3 points per $1 spent on healthcare supply and lab purchases* 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases *Earn up to 3 Rewards Points for each $1 spent on qualified dental, veterinary and medical supplies and lab purchases.

What are behavioral rewards? ›

Among behavior scientists, reward is often used to describe an event that increases the probability or rate of a behavior when the event is contingent on the behavior.

What are 3 examples of positive reinforcers? ›

Dog trainers give dogs food rewards every time they raise their paws on command. Mom gives a child an allowance for doing house chores. The manager gives a worker a bonus for completing the project faster. Dad praises his son for studying hard for the exam.

What kind of rewards does your child respond best to? ›

Positive reinforcement examples
  • Verbal praise. The little act of telling your child when she's done a great job can have a big effect. ...
  • Loving touch. ...
  • Time spent together. ...
  • Small rewards. ...
  • Rewards chart.
Sep 27, 2022

Should teachers give candy to students as a reward? ›

Nonfood rewards promote a healthier school environment by encouraging healthy eating habits. When students are given pop, candy, and other sweets as a reward for good behavior and academic achievement, food becomes a primary motivator in their live.

Should teachers give candy to students? ›

By using candy as a reward, you can promote proper behavior inside your classroom. Teaching your students goes beyond the information they must absorb. You also have to teach your students to treat one another with respect, to abide by classroom rules, and to stay safe.

What is the good behavior Award? ›

Good behaviour certificates can act as an extra special reward for students who have shown a marked improvement in their general behaviour in school or in individual lessons.

What are positive rewards and negative rewards? ›

Positive reinforcement is a process that strengthens the likelihood of a particular response by adding a stimulus after the behavior is performed. Negative reinforcement also strengthens the likelihood of a particular response, but by removing an undesirable consequence.

What are two common reinforcements rewards that can be used with your student? ›

Genuine praise and encouragement, coupled with tangible rewards such as stickers or small prizes, are great ways to provide students with continuous feedback. In challenging classrooms, keep students engaged with upbeat pacing, clear expectations, and generous reinforcement throughout the lesson.

What do you give students at the end of student teaching? ›

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Travel mug with a gift card to a favorite coffee shop.
  • Amazon gift card.
  • Personalized stationery with their teacher's name on it!
  • Teacher bag for them to take on interviews.
  • Resume portfolio cover that is personalized.
  • You can autograph or send a personalized note from each student framed.
Jun 16, 2022

What are the top 3 roles of a teacher? ›

The primary roles of a teacher are:
  1. Providing mentorship. ...
  2. Inspiring learners. ...
  3. Nurturing healthy curiosity in learners. ...
  4. Creating meaningful learning experiences. ...
  5. Leveraging technology to support learning. ...
  6. Mediating and liaising. ...
  7. Researching learning strategies.

What are the four types of student needs? ›

These four needs are Arousal, Competence, Self-Determination, and Relatedness (Ormrod, 2011, p.

What is the qualities of a good teacher? ›

Some qualities of a good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. Other characteristics of effective teaching include an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices and a lifelong love of learning.

Is $50 too much for teacher gift? ›

There is no set amount you should spend on a teacher gift—it really depends on your budget. A good rule of thumb is to spend around $20-$30, but if you have a larger budget, you could go up to $50.

What should teachers be rewarded for? ›

Examples include extra time off, public recognition and professional development opportunities. Motivating and rewarding teachers is necessary to prevent burnout and encourage excitement in the classroom., but as Education World points out, rewards don't have to be about money.

What are 4 benefits of being a teacher? ›

Benefits of Being a Teacher
  • 1) No Two Days are the Same. ...
  • 2) Chance to Make an Impact on a Community. ...
  • 3) Job Security. ...
  • 4) A Chance to be Creative. ...
  • 5) Unlimited Impact. ...
  • 6) Flexible Work Schedules. ...
  • 7) Lifelong Learning. ...
  • 8) Opportunity to Travel.

Why is it good to give rewards to students? ›

Giving students rewards for their efforts suggests that their hard work is appreciated. This is a powerful mindset to have in the classroom and can encourage students to feel better about the work they complete, as well as themselves. This promotes feelings of pride, which goes hand-in-hand with happiness.

When should I reward students? ›

If there's a goal you want students to meet, offer a reward when they exceed that goal; it tends to increase their interest. When students start to feel competent in something, you help them improve by acknowledging when they've done better than ever before.

How do you motivate students? ›

Tips On How To Motivate Your Students
  1. Become a role model for student interest. ...
  2. Get to know your students. ...
  3. Use examples freely. ...
  4. Use a variety of student-active teaching activities. ...
  5. Set realistic performance goals. ...
  6. Place appropriate emphasis on testing and grading. ...
  7. Be free with praise and constructive in criticism.

What is an example of motivation and reward? ›

Good grades are an incentive that can motivate students to study hard and do well in school. Gaining esteem and accolades from teachers and parents might be another. Money is also an excellent example of an external reward that motivates behavior. Rewards must be obtainable in order to be motivating.


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