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Road warriors often have their favorite hotel brand, but some cities have limited options. In others, there may be so many options that it becomes difficult to choose. So it can help to know which brands are designed for business travelers so you can earn points while making smart travel decisions.

Here we analyze the best hotels for business trips within theHilton Awards,Marriott Bonvoymimundo hyattProgram.

Hilton Awards

Despite the move to dynamic pricing and the difficulty of knowinghow many points are neededredeem for a stay, Hilton Honors has plenty of themworld renowned hotel brandsunder your wallet. Among them are some of the best hotel chains for business trips.

Using your hard-earned points to redeem a vacation reward also means forgoing resort fees. Combined with one of the fastest routes to Diamond Elite status (the highest level of hotel) viaHilton honra a American Express Aspire-Karte, has a strong contender for the best hotel rewards program for business travelers who then want to redeem their points for a leisure vacation.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts

As Hilton's flagship brand, the Hilton brand spans the globe in cities and resorts. Many of its properties have meeting facilities, as well as executive lounges popular with members of the elite. Gold and Diamond members can enjoy a free breakfast when the Club Lounge isn't available, perhaps another draw for business travelers.

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Hilton Embassy Suites

With a free cooked-to-order breakfast, a nightly happy hour with free wine, beer, cocktails, and snacks, you can't go wrong, and each property offers a two-bedroom suite. While families will be happy here, this is also a great option for business travelers (especially those traveling alone). You have everything you need in one place, even when you'reWork remotely from your suite.

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Homewood Suites the Hilton

With more than 500 open accommodations, these all-suite accommodations feature full kitchens and separate living areas. They are designed for longer stays, making them suitable for business travelers who want to be independent. Even better, rooms come with free breakfast and an evening social hour several nights a week with free wine, beer, and snacks.

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Marriott Bonvoy

With so many hotel brands in its portfolio, Marriott seems to have one for just about every traveler, from the luxury-conscious to the budget-minded, including many for business travelers. Of course, Marriott Bonvoy's strength as a hotel loyalty program is another important factor for the business, especially with itsPerformance Guarantee for Elite Membersand the opportunity to earn bonus points and elite status throughCredit cards affiliated with Marriott. While there are plenty of Marriott Bonvoy brands to delight business travelers, here are the corporate travel hotel brands with some of the most ideal choices.

hoteles marriott

The company's flagship brand, Marriott, comes in all shapes and sizes, from conference-oriented hotels to resorts. What most have in common are several key features: club lounges (ideal for travelers with elite status or those willing to pay to upgrade), a TED Talks partnership that offers exclusive content via in-room TVs, andthe Marriott Bonvoy appand Greatroom Lobby Lounges (perfect for relaxing after a day of meetings).


Following an announced renovation, the Sheraton aims to become a destination for groups to meet and business travelers to be productive. In addition to the club lounges that attract Elite members, public areas will feature private, soundproof workspaces and "productivity desks" that encourage guests to enjoy free drinks while they work or collaborate. The lobby lounge serves artisan coffees in the morning and switches to a cocktail menu later in the day.

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This is one of Marriott's smaller brands as it only has five hotels, but the hotels are huge. That's because these properties are designed for meetings and events. From corporate meetings to massive conventions, business and social interaction is at the heart of the Gaylord brand. Gaylord properties smartly integrate recreational amenities like entertainment programs and water parks so business travelers can bring the family.

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residence inn

Extended-stay guests can maximize their productivity with Marriott's Residence Inn's largest rooms, many with separate living and sleeping areas and kitchenettes. Complimentary breakfast and dinner with wine and beer many nights of the week are some of the benefits most valued by traveling business travelers.

🤓go nerd

You only earn 5 points for every $1 you spend at Residence Inns (as well as Towneplace Suites). Marriott's standard base rate is 10 points per $1.00. Please consider this as a trade-off in your decision if you choose to stay there for the long-term amenities.

mundo hyatt

As one of the most generous loyalty programs on the market, World of Hyatt offers numerous benefits,especially for elite membersand for those who haveWorld of Hyatt Credit Card. This helped place it in the ranking of the best hotel chains for business trips. benefits likeHonor guest, which allows elite members to share their status with other travelers, and aMutual association with American Airlines to accumulate miles and points, contribute to the popularity of the program.

If you use the points you earned on your watch to redeem a resort award, you will also be exempt from resort fees. World of Hyatt ensures a healthy and balanced life while traveling; For example, Headspace's curated mindfulness content, available in guest rooms and through the World of Hyatt app, can help business travelers stay connected.

Hyatt Regency

These business-oriented hotels feature full-service facilities such as a restaurant, bar and meeting rooms. Many also have an accessible Regency Club lounge for top elite members or those looking to upgrade to pay for access.

Grand Hyatt

Large, opulent and geared towards meetings and events travel, Grand Hyatt hotels around the world cater to the business traveler. Amenities like a lounge for elite status members and those willing to pay to upgrade, a premium gym, and restaurant ensure street fighters are well catered for during their stay.

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Hyatt Haus

These select-service, extended-stay hotels are designed for the budget-conscious traveler who wants more suite amenities than a traditional hotel room. Hyatt House accommodations feature suites with apartment-style kitchens and exercise facilities. For those who are staying in one place for a long time, it is often cheaper (and less work) to stay in a hotel than to sign a short-term apartment lease. And it's always better to accumulate loyalty points too.

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If you choose between hotels for business trips

Hotel companies have numerous brands that target different audiences, from budget options to luxury properties designed to pamper themselves. The business traveler can find some type of benefit in almost all hotels, but some brands within the main programs are particularly notable. The next time you're traveling on business, look for these hotel brands that offer a reliable and friendly experience.

All information about theHilton honra a American Express Aspire-Kartewas independently compiled by NerdWallet. EITHERHilton honra a American Express Aspire-Karteit is no longer available through NerdWallet.

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How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that puts what's important to you first. Here are our tips for that.The best travel credit cards of 2023, including the best for:

  • Flexibility, transfer of points and a great bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Karte

  • Without annuity: Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card

  • Flat Rate Travel Awards:Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

  • Bonus Travel Rewards y High-End Rewards: Reserva Chase Sapphire®

  • Luxury Benefits: La Platinum Card® de American Express

  • Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

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