Breakfast bar ideas to make your kitchen as flexible as you need it to be (2023)

The best breakfast bar ideas are all about maximizing the functionality of your kitchen. To make your island or peninsula work harder, you have a new place to chat with the chef, have a coffee or enjoy a casual family dinner.

as withIdeas for dining in the kitchen., breakfast bars complement the convivial space. "For some people, it's about socializing: sitting at the breakfast bar and chatting with whoever is cooking dinner, or where the family can gather for a casual breakfast and catch up on the day," agrees Charlie Smallbone, Fonder,ledbury studio(opens in a new tab).

But depending on your needs, breakfast bar ideas can offer more than just creating a social focal point. “It's a great space saver; Breakfast bars tend to be smaller and narrower than a dining room table, with stools that can be tucked under the bar when not in use,” says Charlie.

“In addition, they are much more than a place to sit or eat. An indoor breakfast barkitchen island ideasThey also serve as an extra prep space, as well as a place to check email or for kids to do their homework.'

breakfast bar ideas

Before you get carried away with Instagram-worthy breakfast bar ideasCocina, decide how many banks you want to accommodate. If you're just looking for a quiet place to watch TikTok with your morning drink, a single stool in a corner is ideal. However, if you want to have breakfast as a family, each member needs a seat.

Allow at least 50cm width per stool, plus about 15cm on each side for easy access. “Think about how much space the benches will take up in the room when in use,” adds George Forsyth, director.Drew Forsyth and company(opens in a new tab). "You must leave enough space behind seated guests to allow others to pass without getting trapped!"

1. Use an island wrap

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An extended wrap around island coverage essentially creates a perfect spot for your breakfast bar ideas. The effect of the top and sides of one side of the island that extends even a few inches outlines an area that can be used as your new living space.

Match the material used in the case to that of thekitchen island seatingprovides a cohesive and thoughtful look.

2. Keep things tidy

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"One of the benefits of breakfast bar ideas is their size—freestanding counters take up much less space than a dining table, especially considering they're often decked out with stools placed underneath," says Creative Director Melissa Kink.harvey jones(opens in a new tab). "When you're built into an island, a dining table really isn't necessary unless you have the space for it."

Leave enough space under the bar to accommodate the bar stools, not only to save space, but also to make the whole environment more organized and elegant.

3. Use to add a pop of color

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Breakfast bar ideas are not just a way to add extra seating and make smart use of space in a kitchen, they can also serve as an opportunity to add a pop of color to a neutral space.

To useIdeas for painting a kitchen islandin the seating area works well, as does the choice of brightly colored bar stools. Both options can be easily changed if you decide to update your color scheme.

4. Add Interest With Mismatched Chairs

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Where is the tulle that says all the seats in your kitchen should match? Exactly. Mixing and matching bar stools will add interest and personality to your breakfast bar ideas and make the space even more flexible.

Different types of seats are best suited for different friends and family, so you can make sure everyone is equally comfortable. Plus, it's a nifty tip to stay on budget, since you don't have to worry about buying full games. Stick to some general material to tie things together, e.g. B. metal or wood, but beyond that you can mix and match however you like!

5. Work more together

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and scary yousmall kitchens, you can still have a breakfast bar on your island, but you'll have to rethink how to do it. Place chairs at the end rather than the side of the frame to save space and get out of the way without already limited aisles.

6. Go for wall mounting

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no island? No problem. A section of kitchen counter installed in the form of a shelving at the end of a row of units can provide a quiet spot for your morning coffee. Yes, you'll have your back to the room, but that's not always a bad thing, especially if you're busy with a laptop or the kids are doing their homework.

Be as generous as possible with the space so that the area doesn't feel encumbered or cramped. Aim for a width of at least 1m.Bancofor two stools, 1.5 m for three if possible.

(Video) 45 BEST SMALL KITCHEN CONCEPTS / Kitchen designs and Set-up / Simple and Fantastic

7. Stop at the corner

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If you don't have an island or other spare space in the kitchen, consider building a freestanding breakfast counter in a quiet corner away from busy entry or exit routes. Move it out of the corner to accommodate additional stools and create a more sociable experience without sitting with your back to the room.

Make it super functional with top and bottom storage for breakfast essentials and cutlery. Using the same countertop as the kitchen feels cohesive and practical in terms of easy cleaning and stain resistance.

8. Levant to bar

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High-quality breakfast bars have a number of advantages. In terms of design, it allows for a change in surface materials that can create a striking feature, and it allows for something that's a bit more forgiving to rest your arms on than cool stone or quartz.

For safety reasons, a raised pole can provide some protection from hot oil splashes if there is a stove on the island and keep children away from sharp knives during cooking. Don't be tempted to go too high, ideally no more than 106 cm/42 inches, or you'll have a hard time finding stools tall enough to sit on comfortably.

9. Add a Simple Island Overhang

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In smaller kitchens, one of the easiest ways to add bar-style seating is to hang the counter from the front or ends of an island. When designing a countertop without additional corner supports, do not go deeper than 30 cm/12 in. to avoid tension problems when guests inevitably lean against the bar.

Two or three standard 60 cm/24 in. with a 90 cm countertop. From above, the depth is an easy turnkey solution that won't break the bank. Choose backless bar stools that can be tucked under when not in use.

10. Add to a bank

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(Video) 65 kitchen design ideas with a breakfast bar.

Use stools instead of bar stools to accommodate more guests, perfect for children's parties, and they look great too. This elegant design idea calls for a lower breakfast bar to make it easier for stools to get in and out, since the chairs in the middle need to slide out.

Add pillows and faux fur to increase comfort and create a cozy atmospherescandinavian cuisinesee. Make sure the benches you buy are solid and heavy so they won't tip over backwards when full of kids!

11. Impress with a floating surface

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A cantilevered breakfast bar is hard to beat on the wow factor front. This structural bar also offers plenty of legroom underneath for comfortable sitting.

"A floating breakfast bar requires careful construction for stability; typically a steel frame is concealed under the counter and bolted to the floor below the island," explains Andrew Hall, Director,Wooden furniture(opens in a new tab). "But the results are worth it. Not only is it impressive, but it also leaves more of the flooring visible, which adds to the feeling of space."

12. Consider benches on two sides

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A linear series of bar stools may be one of the most popular breakfast bar ideas for an island, but it's not the most sociable way to sit. If you prefer to make eye contact while drinking wine, opt for aI have an L shapeideas

Placing the breakfast bar in a corner of an island also frees up the counter and makes room for a generous stove. Wearkitchen island lightingTo define the bar area: A low pendant light hanging from a separate light switch will illuminate the bar at night while the rest of the kitchen is plunged into darkness.

13. Go down to the dining room

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Sitting on a bar stool is not a problem for short stays like a quick lunch or coffee break, but if you take longer, the dining room chairs are arguably more comfortable. Opt for chairs with padded seats and high backs for maximum support.

Lowering a breakfast counter to dinner height (30"/76 cm) also provides a small splash area for installing power outlets, perfect for plugging in a laptop or charging devices when working from home.

14. Save space with a skinny post

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Experts recommend leaving a walkway of at least 90cm to 1m wide around a kitchen island or dining table so as not to impede the flow of movement when cooking. One of the benefits of a breakfast bar is that it can be made much narrower without sacrificing functionality.

smaller kitchen islandI recommend a width of 900mm and a length of 1500mm to 2300mm with a minimum of three feet between the island and the wall,” advises Charlie of Ledbury Studio. This leaves room for maneuver and takes into account the depth of the doors and drawers when open.

15. Be decorative

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The void below a breakfast bar is ready for an injection of color and design. Since the surface is often criticized by fussy feet, especially young children, choose scratch-resistant surfaces that are easy to clean.

Patterned mosaics can be particularly impressive and can be combined with akitchen background ideafor a coordinated program. We also love metallic trim like aged bronze or copper foil that can be customized and glued on.

What is a breakfast bar?

A breakfast bar is essentially a casual place to pull up a stool in your kitchen. It can stretch the length of an island, with four to six benches, or be little more than a corner shelf or small ledge at one end of an island.

"Breakfast bars are very versatile and convenient," says Neil McDonald, Design Manager,moore(opens in a new tab). "If you have a busy home, a breakfast bar can be a great addition to your home and create a more relaxed dining area." They are a fantastic solution for kitchens with limited space where having a separate dining area or even one isn't necessary. t handysmall kitchen tableand chairs.

"A breakfast bar is a great way to get more out of your kitchen," says Graeme Smith, director of commercial and retail design atkitchens of life(opens in a new tab). "Breakfast bars keep everyone in the room connected socially and can make it easy for hosts to cook while guests chat." too far from the coffee pot!

What should you keep in mind when planning a breakfast bar?

Location will probably be your first consideration. Some floor plans, such as one with an island orpeninsula, they are more suitable for a breakfast bar.

"When considering the dimensions of your island, remember that they should be proportional to the overall size of your space," advises Charlie of Ledbury Studio. “Don't go too big or too small or your island will look blown out of proportion. And don't try to squeeze into an island that just doesn't have space (no matter how much you want to). It doesn't look nice and makes your kitchen feel cluttered, especially when more than one person is trying to use it at the same time.

When it comes to location, the main thing to consider is whether there is enough space behind the breakfast bar to walk around - allow at least 60cm, but ideally 90cm. It should never cause disability.

"In terms of materials, any breakfast counter surface should be easy to clean, durable and ideally also resistant to scratches and stains," says Simon Boocock, Managing Director,Stein CRL(opens in a new tab). "Quartz and stone are very low maintenance, but they can be unforgiving on glass, not to mention cold on the arms." Swapping out the quartz on the main kitchen surfaces for a warmer surface like wood for the breakfast bar is a great solution. .'

How tall should a breakfast bar be?

There are no hard and fast rules on how tall a breakfast bar should be, but planning your height around the dimensions of the two most popular stool options, countertop or bar stools, will make your stool purchase easier.

A counter stool, sometimes referred to as a kitchen stool, is designed for breakfast counters that sit at standard kitchen counter height. This is around 90-95 cm/35-37 inches. above ground, with banks 60-75 cm/24-30 in. large (up to seat height).

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A bar stool is designed for larger breakfast bars, whether it be a freestanding bar or a raised area on an island or peninsula unit. If you prefer, choose a height of about 100-106 cm/39-42 inches. and buy bar stools with a seat height of 75 cm. or consider. You can take the stress out of shopping for bar stools by choosing a height-adjustable design that can be higher for children and lower for adults.


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