Cheap accommodation on Oahu (2023)

Planning a trip to Oahu on a budget and don't know where to stay? Keep scrolling to find the best cheap accommodation on Oahu.
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When you start looking at the cost of a Hawaii vacation, you realize that things add up quickly! There are many creative ways to stay on a budget, including finding affordable Oahu accommodations.

Of all the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu notably has the cheapest prices for hotels and other accommodation. And with locations near some of the biggest attractions like Waikiki Beach andPerlenhafen, you too can keep your travel expenses low!

If you're on a tight budget in Hawaii, you can enjoy cozy hotels on Oahu andAccommodation. Below I share my favorite cheap places to stay on Oahu.

The best budget activities on Oahu

The best budget hotels on Oahu

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Cheap accommodation on Oahu (2)

The best places to stay on Oahu on a budget

If you're looking for affordable Oahu accommodation, you might be surprised to find outWaikikihas some very reasonable prices. But if you don't want to stay in this high traffic area, you can also find places innorth coastand in residential cities likeNo man.

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What differs is the location. You won't settle for beach or beachfront hotels if you're looking for budget options.

Cheap accommodation on Oahu (3)

But you can still find cheap accommodations in Honolulu, and even more so in Waikiki, that are within walking distance of the best things to do on Oahu. You may have toCar Rentalsor somewhere else by bus.

When it comes to amenities, budget hotels offer a warm, clean place to rest and unwind from your explorations. You have to make decisions about your meals, but planning and budgeting for them is easy. Also, the type of accommodation depends a lot on what you need. Hostels are the cheapest, but not for everyone.

To that end, I've included a few hostels, vacation rentals, and a variety of hotels in key locations. For my criteria, I looked for hotels that charge $125 or less per night (and less than $75 per rental). And all the places I have chosen have a good rating from a good number of reviews.

The best places to stay in Waikiki/Honolulu

Aloha Suites Waikiki

Aloha Suites WaikikiIt is definitely one of the best places to stay on a budget in Hawaii. The location on Kapahulu Avenue is ideal for exploring the city of Waikiki.

You are only one block awayKuhio Beach,Queen Beach, miWaikiki-Zooin the Kapiolani Regional Park! Enjoy a variety of restaurants and cafes within minutes or walking distancediamond head.

The hotel consists ofspacious studiomi1 room apartmentsThey make you feel like you're coming home.

Enjoy thoughtful amenities like a fully equipped kitchen with cutlery and complimentary beach gear. And each bedroom is equipped with flat screen TVs that allow you to access your own streaming subscriptions.Check current prices and availability.

Polynesian Beach Club Herberge

If you are looking for a highly rated hostel behind Aloha Suites on Lemon Road is thatPolynesian Beach Club Herberge. It's a great option fortravel aloneor if you're with a group of friends looking for cheap Oahu accommodation.

The idea behind Polynesian Hostel Beach Club is that you get affordable accommodation while meeting people and enjoying planned excursions.

It's a typical hostel withDormitory style roomwith 6 beds and some private studios. There is a common area with kitchen, dining room, TV and outdoor space with hammocks.

Everyone here is very nice. The guest house offers rentals such as boogie boards and snorkel gear. And there's a public board with a calendar full of activities, like group hikes to waterfalls, North Shore tours, andKaraoke nightsno hay barn on site.Check current prices and availability.

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Hotel Pagoda

ÖHotel PagodaIt's a great option if you're looking for budget accommodation in Honolulu. It is located on Rycroft Street at Kalakaua Avenue, near the award-winning TheBus to Oahu and within walking distance to many fast food restaurants and coffee shops.

Cheap accommodation on Oahu (4)

Just two blocks south are thoseAla Moana MallIt is inAla Moana Strandpark, as well as shops likeWalmartmiGoal. And you're only a mile from Waikiki.

This Oahu hotel is a fantastic budget option with gorgeous (if dated) interiors, an outdoor pool, and a unique alfresco floating restaurant on top of a koi pond. The rooms are clean and comfortable, with large beds, air conditioning, TVs, and mini fridges.Check current prices and availability.

Waikiki Marina Resort for Ilikai

Here you will find quality budget resorts likeWaikiki Marina Resortif you get creative you pay a little more (still under $200 a night) but the price includes all the great amenities.

Cheap accommodation on Oahu (5)

There is a restaurant and bar, cafeteria, massage services, rooftop solarium and swimming pool as well as a program of resort activities. Rooms at the Waikiki Marina Resort are spacious with double or king beds and balconies with city or ocean views. Book a suite and enjoy a full kitchen.

The central location of the complex next toBootshafen WaterwayIt's a great addition to the resort. is halfway betweenPlaya de WaikikimiAla Moana Mall, with many shops, supermarkets and attractions within walking distance.Check current prices and availability.

White Sands-Hotel

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy the best hotels in Oahu, Hawaii.White Sands-HotelIt's on the higher end of our budget, averaging just over $150 per night. But it's a great option if you don't want to sacrifice your hotel experience.

If you're looking for affordable accommodations in Waikiki, this hotel has a prime location just one block north of busy Kalakaua Avenue. you are nearworld marketand the best partsPlaya de Waikiki!

The hotel is carefully decorated with a vibrant mid-century modern interior design. Relax by the pool with free towels or join a yoga class at the gym.

There is a very nice restaurant and bar and you can choose between nicely furnished rooms or larger bungalows.Check current prices and availability.

Waikiki 1 bedroom vacation rental

A great way to find cheap accommodation on Oahu is to book certified short-term vacation rentals. You will find many resort towns such as Ko Olina Kai and Waikiki.


Beexcellent 1 bedroom apartmentIt has an excellent location on Kaiulani Ave. You can walk a few hundred yards to Waikiki Beach or walk around the corner to the ABC Store, a local convenience store.

Vacation rentals like these tend to be very affordable and you get a lot of bang for your buck. Plus, there's a full kitchen at your disposal to save even more on grocery shopping and let them cook for you!

Enjoy the spacious living room with air conditioning, balcony, TV and DVD player. The kitchen has a pantry and the bedroom has 2 double beds.Check current prices and availability.

Where to Stay on Oahu on a Budget

Backpackers Vacation Inn & Herberge

If you are a single person or an adventurous couple traveling to the surf town of Haleiwa and beautiful Waimea Bay, consider staying hereBackpackers Vacation Inn & Herberge. It's ideal for surfers and adventurers looking for affordable Oahu accommodations.

Cheap accommodation on Oahu (6)

You can choose your experience withHostel style dorms, private studios in three buildings, or even historic roadside plantation cottages. Enjoy meeting other travelers and a prime location on 3 Tables Beach! You'll be close to food trucks, shopping and some of the best surfing on Oahu's North Shore.

North Waialua Shore Vacation Rentals

If you really want an ocean view but are staying on a budget on Oahu, a North Shore vacation rental like this is for you.1 bedroom condo in Waialua. Located on Akule Street, just 1 block from Aweoweo Beach Park and miles of golden sandy beaches.

Cheap accommodation on Oahu (7)

Rent bikes in town or rent a car and explore the nearby shops on the Kamehameha Expressway. You can relax in your rental with neutral interiors and plenty of sun on the sea-view balcony.

The condo has a washer and dryer, flat screen TV, dishwasher, and plenty of seating.Check current prices and availability.

Kailua studio vacation rental

Enjoy a bit of island life along the waybeautiful studio lanai vacation rentaloverlooking the hills of stunning Lanikai Beach in Kailua. Walk through the private entrance to the porch, which is definitely where you'll be spending most of your time.

Cheap accommodation on Oahu (8)

There is a small kitchen on the porch, plenty of seating and loungers to enjoy the view. Inside, you'll love the spacious king bedroom with flat screen TV.

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You have air conditioning for hot nights, although you probably won't need it! And the hosts have also provided beach gear and a kayak for your enjoyment.Check current prices and availability.

Frequently asked questions about cheap places to stay on Oahu

What is the cheapest month to travel to Hawaii?

If you are looking for flights, you will find the cheapest fares from February to April. But you can also find good deals in July if you travel in peak season. Hotels, resorts and vacation rentals offer the best prices even in the off-season.

Which Hawaiian island is the most accessible?

A stay on Oahu is cheaper than Maui, which is the most expensive, averaging $1,000. Probably because Oahu has a long history as an established tourist destination. The island is the best place to find discounts on hotels, restaurants and attractions.

How many days on Oahu is enough?

We try to aim for 5 days or even a week when we can. That way, you have a day to recover from the trip and a few days for things like the beach, exploring the island, and visiting popular attractions.

Try one of these budget accommodations on Oahu

You'll be pleased to know that there is so much affordable accommodation on Oahu in both Waikiki and the North Shore! Stay comfortably in a quality hotel or even an affordable resort near major attractions in and around Honolulu. Or enjoy the ocean views in very affordable vacation rentals near Honolulu.

There are options for families and couples. And singles can also find great accommodations on Oahu, whether they want to meet people or enjoy their privacy. I think you'll be happy with any of the options on my list!

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