Cheap weekly motels near me for under $30/night (2023)

Cheap weekly motels near me, Conventional cheap weekly rates at motels near me are for one day or one night. This can be very expensive for long-term guests who want an accurate estimate of the costs associated with their accommodation.

Although some cheap weekly motels near me do offer weekly rates for long term guests. Save money for those looking to stay seven or more nights. Weekly rates and longer stay rates reduce the cost per night.

What is the meaning of cheap motels?


  • 1 What is the importance of cheap motels?
  • 2 Find cheap weekly motels near me for longer stays
    • 2.1 Save more with weekly motels near me
    • 2.2 Who benefits from weekly rates?
    • 2.3 List of Top 10 Cheap Motel Chains in the US
    • 2.4 Cheap Motels Near Me Under $30-$50
    • 2.5 cheap weekly motels near me
    • 2.6 $100-$800 per month motel
    • 2.7 Cheap weekly motels near me FAQ
  • 3 How much does a week in a motel cost?
  • 4 Do hotels offer weekly rates?
  • 5 How can I find cheap motels near me?
  • 6 How much does a month at the motel cost?
  • 7 How can I find cheap extended stay hotels and motels near me?

Cheap motels are basically hotels, but within your budget. They at least provide everything you need, but each at a lower price than a hotel. And the most important thing on this expensive day is the accommodation where you will stay during the trip. Here at TrueTravelPlanner you will find the most selected deals for cheap motels near me.

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In recent years, cheap motel rooms near me in the US started at Rs 3,783, but general prices hovered around Rs 6,506. Prices are provided by our partners and reflect the average room rate, including flat taxes and fees due at time of booking. Any motel fees not specified or paid at time of booking may be paid by property at time of stay.

Find cheap weekly motels near me for longer stays

Cheap weekend motels near me or extended stay hotels and motels have well-equipped rooms with kitchens. With flexible spaces, large spaces and discounted weekly rates, save around 50% or more on every stay.

Cheap weekly motels near me for under $30/night (1)

Traveling for leisure, business or even on vacation with family or friends; The advanced budget weekly motels near me offer more for your money. Extended stay motels listed here have in-room kitchenettes, cheap weekend motelsclose to mewith facilities and a spacious living room to make you feel at home and act like you are at home.

A flexible space for individual use, a wide range of value-added services and many other advantages for a longer stay in amotel baratohelps to stay healthy.

Save more with weekly motels near me

Cheap weekly motels near me can satisfy the adventurous traveler in many ways for a weekly rate. If you want to cook somewhere close by for weeks or months, pick a hotel that actually costs less per week and you'll feel right at home when you travel. You need a place to visit for short-term business or to unpack after the transfer process. Whatever the reason, TrueTravelPlanner can help you find weekly extended stay rates near me that will make you comfortable and happy when you travel.

Cheap weekly motels near me for under $30/night (2)
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Save even more with cheap motels with weekly rates:

  • Book a motel room for a minimum of seven nights
  • Find and select ideal cheap weekend motels near me
  • compare with others
  • Schedule before booking

If you are planning a longer stay nearby, consider choosing an inexpensive motel near me. Fuel up on your favorite foods and save money by preparing delicious meals yourself in the built-in kitchen. The extra space offered by most long term motels near me gives you and your family or fellow travelers a place to relax and unwind during your trip.

Who benefits from weekly rates?

People from all walks of life can benefit from weekly motelPrices:

  • people involved in construction, road projects and construction crews working on new buildings.
  • IT professionalsinstall fiber optic cables, phone systems or new software for customers.
  • community membersliving as a result of the upsurge of life, including divorce, fire, flood, and need for medical care.
  • Guests move into a new house or apartment, or that you just moved to the city for a new job.
  • medical professionalssuch as traveling nurses, resident physicians and members of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • energy workerThey operate in the oil, gas, solar and wind energy industries.
  • corporate client gueststravel for sales, board meetings or research purposes.
  • university students, university or vocational school.
  • military and government officialstraveling or changing to a new station.
  • touristsThose looking for an affordable base for sightseeing when visiting amusement parks, sporting events or other attractions.

List of the 10 Best Cheap Motel Chains in the USA

There are several cheap weekly motel related chains near me. We at True Travel Planner provide some of the recommended and premium chain motels for cheap weekly motels near me.

Cheap weekly motels near me for under $30/night (3)
Yes. Notmotel name chainassessments
1.motel 64.8
2.super 84.6
3.America's Best Value Inn4.5 roof inn4.6
6.In den Town-Suiten4.2
7.days inside.4.3
9.Howard Johnson (von Wyndham)4.1
10Microtel Inn and Suites4.0

Cheap Motels Near Me Under $30-$50

When traveling, there are some minimum requirements that everyone wants to have. Necessities such as good food, fascinating attractions, friendly places and, above all, a place to stay. For any type of individual or business trip, or for an overnight package, the public wants some cheaper places. These days hotels are much more expensive than we think, some people can't afford those deals on cheap motels near me under $30 for a short term stay or visit.

That's why we have deals on motels or motels for short stays of one or two days. Here's TrueTravelPlanner, where you can find the best deals on motels under $40 and motels under $50 for one or two nights. with absolutely satisfactory service and preferred amenities. Visit anywhere near you in Texas, Florida, Oaklahoma or New York. TrueTravelPlanner will always help you get the best deals for your budget.

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Cheap weekly motels near me

The average nightly rate for a standard hotel room is higher than the average nightly rate for an extended stay hotel near me with weekly rates. For example, the average cost of a typical short-term hotel room in Los Angeles is $60 for a weekend night and $80 for a weekday.

If your guests stay a week, you can expect $400. However, at two-star extended stay hotels near me, cheap motels near me in the same city are as low as $200, and guests can save 50% on your visit.

$100-$800 per month motel

There are many pricing options when looking for deals on motels by the month. There are $100 a month motels, $300 a month motels, $500 a month motels,and, more recently, $800-a-month motels.

Whatever the reason, TrueTravelPlanner can help you find an extended stay that will make you comfortable and happy while traveling.

Cheap weekly motels near me for under $30/night (4)

common questions(frequently asked questions) About cheap weekly motels near me

How much does it cost to stay in a motel for a week?

In the US, you'll find cheap hotels and motels with discounted weekly rates for long-term guests. In general, the cost of an economy motel ranges from $90 to $125 per week. But it's not always the same. The most expensive motels charge between $350 and $500 per week.


Do hotels offer weekly rates?

Some of the hotels offer weekly discounts if you book a room for seven days or more.

How can I find cheap motels near me?

You can easily find cheap motels near you on the Internet.

How much is a month at the motel?

If you book a room at a cheap motel for 30 consecutive nights, you will receive a special discount. Monthly motel fees vary from organization to organization. In general, budget motels charge between $250 and $400 a month with no amenities.

How can I find cheap extended stay hotels and motels near me?

You can easily find cheap extended stay hotels and motels near you with a Google search. You can compare prices and book online.

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