Everything You Didn't Know About Jack In The Box Mashed Tacos (2023)

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Taco-Jack in der BoxThey're not exactly known as gourmet food. According to an article inGQ, fatty meat-filled corn tortillas are often affectionately referred to as "a wet bag of cat food" (to which the author agrees) as well as "sublime" (the author's own description).

So what makes these slightly questionable boots so popular? Maybe it's the price, it's hard to argue that high school and college is $0.99 for two clubs, right? Or maybe it's nostalgia, tacos have been around for years, so just about any Gen X or Millennial can smile fondly at a drunken 2am drive-thru experience. m. Filled with a handful of fried tacos. Or maybe it's a combination of both, connected through advertising, likeGQ, "As we've learned over the last few months, even the highest levels of mediocrity can thrive in the right social climate, especially with a little corporate backing." But at the end of the day, does it really matter? Jack-in-the-box football boots are here to stay. So if you're buying a pair (or more) of your own, I promise don't judge yourself, this is what you need. to know.

Jack-in-the-Box tacos are sold in pairs, but nutritional information is for ONE taco

There's (never) a reason to get ready for a single meal. If you want to revisit the memory of your college days with a swing through amonkey in the boxDrive-Thru, go ahead and do it. But, if you're one of those people who watch your food intake, it's important to note that Jack in the Box is tacosforeversold in pairs, nutritional informationlistagem no page jack in the boxis for oneSingletacos That means if you eat both tacos at once, you're consuming 344 calories, 18 grams of fat (6 of which are saturated), 724 milligrams of sodium, 32 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, 2 grams of sugar, and 12 grams of protein.

To be perfectly clear, none of these details are inherently bad in and of themselves. It's just a matter of perspective: If two tacos is never enough and you always order four, then your four-taco meal is nearly 700 calories, more than half that.recommended daily intake of sodiumand 12 grams of saturated fat. If you tend to eat a fairly healthy diet, there's no reason to worry about the occasional taco binge, but if this is your regular weeknight lunch, it might be time to reconsider.

Celebrities love Jack in the Box tacos

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Celebrities: They don't look like us at all, do they? They have huge houses, private jets, full bank accounts (wouldn't that be awesome?!) and the latest and greatest "toys" to play with. But if you feel like you have nothing in common with the upper echelons of celebrity society, remember: celebrities love fast food, and that includes Jack in the Box tacos. Yes, apparently even celebrities crave “packets of wet cat food” like the rest of us.

Or at least,Selena Gomezdoes. According to an article indaily food, Gomez was spotted buying cheap tacos at the drive-thru, and for her 21st birthday she forgave a traditional birthday cake and opted for a "taco cake," a plate topped with jack-in-the- Box tacos filled and topped with a candle is "21" in which he publishedInstagram🇧🇷 Well, if that doesn't scream "fan", nothing else, right?

Jack-in-the-box tacos cost next to nothing

Jack in the Box, two clubs has been 99 cents in most places for a while now. Which is something to consider considering the brand (clearly) needs to profit from their groceries and the cost of groceries has continued to rise over the past 30 years. How does it work? How can they still benefit without increasing the costs of their clubs?

The answer is simple: these pins areAFFORDABLE PRICESmake.

According to a former Jack in the Box employee who detailed the cost of productionclutch fansIn 2007, each club is split roughly like this:

  • shell, nickel
  • Lettuce, two cents
  • Cheese, two cents
  • Hot sauce, about a dime
  • "Flesh-like substance," five cents
  • individual purse, by cents
  • "Crack" (meaning spices) they add to the tacos, 10 cents (though it's not entirely clear whether the former clerk meant it cost 10 cents to flavor a taco, or 10 cents for the two tacos combined to be sure we will assume it's the cost of a taco)

Overall, a single taco costs about 27 cents to make, which means two tacos cost about 54 cents. Then add the labor minute the former employee estimates to cook the two tacos together is another 11 cents. This brings the total cost of two clubs to around 65 cents.This means that every time the company sells two racquets for 99 cents, it makes about 34 cents in profit. Of course, these numbers may or may not be entirely accurate, but there is no doubt that they generate them cheaply.

Americans eat half a billion jack-in-the-box tacos every year

The really amazing thing about jack-in-the-box putters is how popular they are. Second article published in 2017Wall Street ZeitungIn 2017, Jack in the Box sold around 554 copiesMilliontacos per year That's more than halfbillionTacos About 1,000 tacos are eaten.pro Minute🇧🇷 And considering that the profit from two clubs is about 34 cents, that means Jack in the Box makes about $94 million a year just from selling his clubs.

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There's really no solid explanation for its popularity. how could it be Aside from being cheap, these tacos are a far cry from what most people consider fine dining. Meat is questionable, cheese isamerican cheese, the clams are fried (and a bit mushy most of the time), so how the heck does Jack in the Box sell more tacos thanMcDonald's sells Big Mac"Obviously drunk and stoned college kids are a constant source of income, but they can't be the only ones hiding. -Sweet tasting.

It takes an obscene amount of corn and taco sauce to feed the hordes.

Jack in the Box once again sells over half a billion rackets annually. Obviously that's a lot of tacos. But if you stop thinking about what it takesmanufacturingThose tacos? It's amazing to think about. According to an article inyummy, the company has to use over 20 million pounds of corn to make all those tacos. If you're trying to put that number into perspective, loudMSN News, is approximately the equivalent weight ofThreeSaturn V rockets, the rocket that put people on the moon in 1969, not one rocket, not two rockets butThreehuge rockets. The company also ships more than 600 million packages of taco sauce annually; Presumably not all of it is used in the company's 99-cent tacos (of course they sell other tacos and people love to use the sauce for other things), but it's still a lot of sauce.

The marks on the Jack in the Box clips come from a conveyor belt

Those "grill marks" on your taco tops? Yes, they're real, they're not a figment of your imagination, they don't mean your taco will be grilled in the back of the store before being dumped into your custom container. Mango. AfterWall Street JournalArticle, all Jack in the Box tracks are "born" in factories in Texas or Kansas. Stone-ground white corn tortillas are made in these factories. an article aboutyummyexplains that the grill marks on the tortillas are from a conveyor belt that takes the shells through a 700-degree ovento make them nice and crispy. You know, before they were fried in stores.

After the tortillas are cooked, they're stuffed with whatever Jack in the Box looks like beef (sure there's real meat out there somewhere, but more on that later) before being wrapped in plastic, frozen, and shipped to restaurants. Anywhere in the country.

The jack-in-the-box taco recipe has basically never changed

Jack in the Box seems to understand that you don't mess with a good thing. If a product is popular and you're selling it in bulk, something is obviously working and there's no point in making changes that might screw it up. And that's exactly the case with jack-in-the-box putters. an article toHilo mentalNoting that the recipe hasn't really changed in about 50 years, he describes it this way: "seasoned cut of beef, two triangles of American cheese, some shredded lettuce, and a little gravy."

It looks appetizing. And not entirely wrong. on oneRedditHiloWhen a Jack-in-the-Box customer asked if the taco-frying process had ever changed, a former Jack-in-the-Box employee explained exactly how tacos are made, a process he says has since years since he had to watch a training video from the 1980s before he fried his first tacos.

According to this Redditor, mattsfdg, frozen tacos (remember, just the meat-filled tortillas) are stored in a cooler next to the fryer. When the tacos are ordered, the frozen tacos are removed from the refrigerator and placed in a taco holder, which is submerged in the fryer for the pre-determined "taco time." After frying, the skins are placed on a prep tray where they are opened and stuffed with a triangle of cheese, a handful of lettuce, and a drizzle of sauce. That is. The process has never changed.

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People love opening jack-in-the-box tacos while asking for more

One possible explanation (a twisted explanation, but still...) for the popularity of jack-in-the-box tacos is that people love to hate them and hate to love them. It's as if eating these tacos is an opportunity to be a self-critical food critic: almost all articles that feature jack-in-the-box tacos come with a creative description of what they are, followed by almost immediately from comments about how they are same time. addictive.

For example, take an article inweekly CO, where the author states, "But I'm not writing to belittle Jack in the Box tacos, I'm writing to praise them—despite the crushing indigestion, their snacks were more addictive than redneck heroin." Then there are the statements madehugging cactus, "Jack-in-the-box tacos aren't, what's the word I'm looking for, real food... [they're] amazing after a few beers." Or byredditor, lighting the fire, who said, "I'd kill for a JITB taco. I definitely miss those wonderful tacos, cheap as hell but tasting divine.”

You can order small tacos from Jack in the Box, but they're not created equal

In 2020, Jack in the Box released a new menu item: Tiny Tacos. AfterHouston culture map, are exactly what they sound like: a box of 15 small fried tacos, each of which can be eaten in about two bites. You can order them "loaded" with lettuce, cheese, and taco sauce (very similar to the toppings of traditional tacos), or simply with avocado-lime sauce.

But as the author points out, these are not scaled-down versions of the original rackets. The main difference is that the larger tacos come with a meat filling, while the smaller tacos come with chicken. Plus, the avocado-lime sauce is a departure from the original, which is topped and usually paired with taco sauceRanch-Dressing.So if you order the Tiny Tacos (which retail for around $3 or $4 depending on the version you choose) and expect them to be mini versions of the original, you might be disappointed. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try them: they're different, but just as delicious.

Finally, the meat in jack-in-the-box tacos might not be that much meat.

It is important to note that inWeb-Site von Jack in the Box, the description of "Dos Tacos" never mentions meat. Not at all. There is no mention of beef. The tacos are not claimed to contain a protein source of any kind. Instead, it simply says, "Two crispy tacos with American cheese, shredded lettuce, and taco sauce." That's all. What happens when you click the ingredients link? You will get to a page with theCompany Allergen Information,Nota page with information about taco ingredients.

If you're the type who wants to know exactly what you're putting into your body, the company's move should go beyond stating the product's ingredients. But the information is available if you're willing to look for it. According to an article onit's bad for you, Taco filling is "an unattractive-looking paste containing textured protein consisting essentially of caramel-colored soy flour and defatted grains." Yum, looks delicious. The article goes on to state that the tacos actually contain beef and chicken, in addition to the more prominent textured plant-based proteins, and that the company can get away with not actually advertising the tacos as beef tacos. So order more of these tacos: With enough salsa (or beer) in your stomach, you won't even be able to taste the meaty filling.

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Jack-in-the-box putters are great for parties.

Just like Selena Gomez's "Taco Pie," which is all jack-in-the-box tacos, next time you need to feed a crowd, why not go to the jack-in-the-box drive- Through to stock up on tacos? For example, if you're planning a Super Bowl party, place a bowl of chips on the table with an assortment of dips and fill a plate with jack-in-the-box tacos. Your prep work is done! For about 50 cents a taco, you can easily feed a crowd without breaking the bank.

Think about it, even if everyone in a party wants to eat four tacos (and not everyone does), it's only $2 per person. Not to mention like an article about itVentilatorHe notes that each taco comes in its own individual packaging, which is more hygienic (you don't have to worry about too many hands touching the food) and reduces the need for serving plates. People can grab a taco whenever they want by using the sleeve instead of a disposable plate. Fast, easy, cheap and hygienic - what more could you want from party food?

There are many copied jack-in-the-box taco recipes online.

If you're a little confused because the "meat" in jack-in-the-box tacos isn't meat at all, consider beefing up your late-night greasy indulgence by making a version at home. A quick Pinterest search for "Jack in the Box Tacos" reveals many "copycat" recipes that detail how to fry tacos at home using ingredients you might recognize. For example,my crazy kitchenjTodd Wilbur's Secret RecipesEach offers a meaty version that doesn't seem too difficult to make (and you can always make them ahead of time and freeze them for frying later, like Jack in the Box does). And if you prefer a vegetarian option,the bearded wandereroffers a mock jack recipe with lentils and refried beans instead of taco meat. While these recipes go as far as providing ways to make your own taco sauce at home, here's a tip: the next time you stop by the Jack in the Box drive-thru, ask for extra packets of taco sauce. Then, when you make your own tacos at home, you can coat them with the official sauce. It's a lot easier than making the sauce at home.

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What is the mystery meat in Jack in the Box tacos? ›

The meat in the tacos is not pure beef

According to Your Vegan Journey, the meat is actually a blend of beef, chicken, and "textured vegetable protein," a soy-based ingredient that has a texture much like beef but is anything but.

What are Jack n the Box tacos made of? ›

The “what is the meat in jack in the box tacos” is a question that many people ask. The answer to this question is that they are made with beef and chicken, but also include cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. Jack in the Box tacos are made from tofu. They are also vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Is there real meat in Jack in the Box tacos? ›

Are Jack in the Box tacos meat free? Jack in the Box tacos is not vegan or vegetarian friendly, as their tacos ingredients at their website clearly state that they contain beef, chicken, and Worcestershire sauce. People have a misconception about their tacos that they might have some plant-based protein in them.

What is the filling in Jack in the Box tacos? ›

The tacos served at Jack in the Box feature a hard-shell, U-shaped tortilla encasing a ground beef filling topped with one slice of American cheese, shredded lettuce and taco sauce.

What was the Jack in the Box controversy? ›

The 1992–1993 Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak occurred when the Escherichia coli O157:H7 bacterium (originating from contaminated beef patties) killed four children and infected 732 people across four states.

How healthy are Jack in the Box tacos? ›

Jack in the Box's loaded tiny tacos provide 470 calories, 22 g fat, 7 g saturated fat, 51 g carbohydrate, 17 g protein, 5 g sugar, and 1,340 mg sodium. This taco option is definitely best to share.


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