Marriott International Customer Service Phone (800) 450-4442, Email, Help Center (2023)

Marriott International phone numbers and email addresses

Toll-free phone number:

  • (800) 450-4442

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Customer service:

  • (866) 235-8814

    Concierge for new customers

  • (801) 468-4000

  • (800) 321-7396

  • (301) 380-3000

  • (855) 696-4732

  • (800) 285-2684

  • (877) 551-7779

  • (800) 228-2100

  • (800) 437-4302

  • (888) 625-4990

  • (801) 468-4233

  • (877) 777-5418

  • +3 314 151 5155

General information:

  • (800) 627-7468


  • (201) 680-6693

    International Shareholder Services

  • (800) 311-4816

    Service for US and Canadian Shareholders

  • (301) 380-6500


  • (800) 535-4028

Marriott International Email Addresses:

Customer service

Investors / Franchises


Privacy Inquiries


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Marriott international contact information

Website von Marriott International:


Marriott International Hilfecenter:

  • Visit the contact page

Corporate Headquarters Address:

Marriott International, Inc.

10400 Fernwood Road

Bethesda, Maryland 20817


Social Network Help:

Further information (opening hours):


Monday to Friday: 8:15 am - 9:00 pm

Hotels Marriott Limited

global compliance

Barnards Gasthof

Calle 86

London EC4A 1EN

Great Britain



Marriott International Customer Service Reviews

1,5/ 5


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Sierra T

Worst reservation system and customer service I have ever experienced in a hotel


I spent hours on the phone and email to move my reservation 1 day to just 1 of the 2 rooms. None of the agents I spoke to had proper access to the system to change my reservation. And with...

Jeremy P Dwr

Customer benefit and influence on satisfaction


My beloved,
The customer service response is amazing and made me very angry, it means that the elite level reached before 2019 would not be affected by the COVID issue and should also be ignored by...

Overview of calls to Marriott International Customer Service




Main reasons for customer calls

Consumers are calling more than

Why are people calling Marriott International customer service?

Account question:

  • "To recover my MGS account"
  • "Error by a Marriott Vacation Club representative on my account"
  • "Reset my password"

Question about the information request:

  • "Discover Points"
  • “Concerned about my stay in Tunisia”
  • "Need help"


  • "Deny Service"
  • “Terrible customer service”
  • "Team Worries"

Question about payments and billing:

  • "False Billing"
  • "I pay"
  • "Burden"

work question:

  • "Worked"
  • "Lohnzettel"
  • "401k Information"

Question about product/service:

  • "Membership"
  • "I would like to contact jw marriott mussoorie, the call is not answered, please contact me as soon as possible"
  • "Book a room"

Activation/cancellation question:

  • "Requires cancellation confirmation date 40583847"
  • "To activate the account"
  • "Cancellation of booking"

Refund question:

  • "Refund"

Map question:

  • "Card available"
  • "Need a credit card authorization form"
  • "Credit Card Point"

Website/App question:

  • "Error on Marriott job page"
  • "Application"
  • "I can't navigate the site"

Return/Replacement Question:

  • "Change the name of a reservation"
  • "Change reservation"
  • "Replacement Card"

Question about shipping and delivery:

  • "I am a customer of the Delta Hotel by Morriott in Daytona Beach Florida, I paid $10 a day for the parking sticker logo but I woke up in the morning my car was towed to get it back, it cost me $160 and still something cost $20 from Uber, so return the wrong charge."
  • "I didn't receive my points for a recent stay"
  • “I had a 2 day reservation for the night of 09/07 stay one night and when I arrive you have no room”

Another question:

  • "Guest Complaint"
  • "Internet"
  • "Eid"


Marriott International Terms of Use

To read more:

Marriott International Privacy Statement

The lowest corporate rates when the user books directly. Search for specific reservations, including by phone or without registration. Please log in to view the customer's current bookings. hopes to provide users of the company's services with experiences that exceed user expectations, both online and at Marriott International hotels. For Customer's protection, the user of Company's Services may be required to verify Customer's identity before Company responds to User's request. If the customer submits personally identifiable information about another person to the Company or to the Company's service providers (for example, if the Marriott International customer makes a reservation for another person), the user of the website represents that the customer has the authority to do so it. and o The user of the company's services allows the website to use the data in accordance with this privacy policy. The website collects personally identifiable information when the website user makes a reservation, purchases products and services on Marriott International websites or applications, communicates with or connects with, or posts on social media pages or themselves sign up for a newsletter or participate in a survey, contest or promotional offer.

To read more:

Frequently asked questions about Marriott International

Marriott International's loyalty program is Marriott Bonvoy™. But that was temporary while Marriott International created a new name and brand for a single program. In February, all three programs became Marriott Bonvoy. It's the same great show with a new name, look and attitude. The name Bonvoy derives from bon voyage and means "bon voyage". The site believes travel is good because it has the power to transform, educate and enrich corporate members and those they meet around the world. Make sure there are no major changes to the show members they know and love. Member benefits remain unchanged under the new Marriott International brand. However, two of Marriott International's elite category names have changed. Platinum Premier Elite is now Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite and Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador Service is now Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite.

To read more:

Pros and cons of Marriott International

Advantage:Location, First Class Reservations Team, Reservations Team, Predictable Location, Comfortable Bed

Opposites:Lack of professionalism, customer service, useless management, too many locations use it, we buy on the beach but they overbook


Sheraton,Marriott Vacation Club,Fairfield Inn and suites,Inn,Suiten Springhill

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Marriott International began in 1927 with a Washington beer business founded by J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott. The company is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. It is a leading hosting company in the US and 67 other countries around the world. It operates 2,900 properties including properties such as Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Renaissance Hotels and Resorts, Residence Inn by Marriott, Marriott Conference Centers, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Grand Residences by Marriott and many others.Marriott Internationalparticipates in community activities (annual donations to the Red Cross, Children's Miracle Network, United Way, etc.)

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Marriott International is ranked 154 out of 1,356 in the Hotels and Resorts category.

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