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26 January 2023

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The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (2)

When shopping for items for your baby, a bed rail cover may not find a spot on your must-have list. However, once the baby starts teething, they start chewing on hard surfaces to relieve pain. The bed rail, which is the wooden bar at the top, suffers the effects of teething, which is not safe for the baby.

Investing in a bed rail cover can protect not only your child but also the crib from damage. These covers are made of soft fabric and fit perfectly over the cribs to prevent little ones from chewing on the wood. Bed rail covers prevent your baby from choking on wood chips or ingesting toxic paint from the rail. Plus, these covers will keep the cribs looking fresh and new. Now let's take a look at the top 10 crib covers to help you find the best and cheapest one.

List of top 10 crib covers to buy in 2023

Best covers for cribs

  • Trend Lab CribWrap Waterproof Rail Cover - 18" All Around
  • Trend Lab CribWrap Waterproof Rail Cover - 8" All Around
  • EXQ Home 3 Piece Bed Rail Cover
  • Sweet Jojo Designs Rail Guard Wedge Sling
  • Biloban cot cover
  • TILLYOU cot protection 4-piece set
  • TILLYOU 1 Pack Bed Rail Cover
  • 3-piece cot protection for everyday use
  • 3-part CASAJA grid cover set
  • CribWrap Trend Lab Rail Cover
  • Biloban padded bed rail cover

Trend Lab CribWrap Waterproof Rail Cover - 18" All Around

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (3)

Babies can be a little rough with them. So if you've noticed dents on your cribs or drool stains on your furniture, it's time to dress up your crib with this Trend Lab CribWrap Waterproof Crib Cover. Teeth marks and drool stains. It is also free from PVC, lead, phthalates and BPA. Trend Lab's CribWrap rail cover is made with three layers of protection to provide the ultimate protection against drool and dents. Soft fleece on the top and a padded middle layer protect your teething baby from harmful toxins that chemicals in other bed rail covers can release. Plus, the waterproof backing prevents stains and fading, keeping your cribs looking like new.

Protect your teething baby from harmful toxins with our soft fleece bed rail cover. This lightweight, breathable hiking rug has a padded center panel and polyester fleece top to protect against teeth marks and saliva staining. In addition, the waterproof backing prevents moisture from penetrating the wood of the crib rails, preventing mold and rot.


  • Stop chewing crib
  • Soft and easy to put on.
  • Washable
  • The pad works in the event of an accident or hit.
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  • Special care must be taken when washing.
  • size issues
  • More padding would have been better

Trend Lab CribWrap Waterproof Rail Cover - 8" All Around

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (4)

  • This crib cover with a lightly padded back and soft fabric protects your child from swallowed toxins and crib splinters and prevents head bumps and bruises.
  • The easy-to-use wrap and tie feature allows for easy installation and conveniently secures the crib for optimal coverage.
  • The waterproof back design restricts wet stains and drool marks on the crib.
  • Available in narrow and wide designs to provide a custom fit for different sized cribs.
  • Measures 51 x 6.5 inches in dimensions to fit crib rails 8 inches or smaller.
  • This bed rail protector has a silky soft sherpa fleece on the top and is free of phthalates, PVC, lead etc.


  • Made from waterproof mattress fabric.
  • Softly padded and made from 100% polyester.
  • Lightly padded and made of soft fabric.
  • Waterproof and machine washable.


  • color deviation
  • size issues
  • short ties
  • Odor

EXQ Home 3 Piece Bed Rail Cover

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (5)

  • EXQ home, the popular American brand, offers this bed rail cover padded with suitable thickness microfiber padding to protect babies from chewing on the rails during teething
  • It is specially designed with 100% microfiber polyester material, durable and breathable for your little one's delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Manufactured with the latest EXQ sewing technology using high thread count fabrics to avoid the problem of edge ripping and filling leakage.
  • The premium bed rail cover is machine washable and the fabric stays soft and smooth wash after wash.
  • The rope loop design of this crib cover makes it easy to attach and remove


  • It fits very well in the crib.
  • well padded
  • Works as a chew guard.


  • Comes for 1 front and 2 side rails
  • bumpy look
  • Missing installation instructions
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Sweet Jojo Designs Rail Guard Wedge Sling

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (6)

  • With the perfect blend of style and safety, this floral trellis cover can protect little ones from paint poisons and wood shavings while enhancing the look of your child's room.
  • This 2-piece rail cover set measures 52 x 18 inches, fits almost all standard sized cribs and can protect the rails from damage.
  • It's made from extremely soft, brushed microfiber material and has a reversible design to avoid frequent machine washing.
  • Easy to attach loops prevent the bed rail guard from shifting when baby is playing with it.


  • perfect thickness
  • Lindo
  • Quality


  • anything

Biloban cot cover

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (7)

  • The Biloban duvet is specially designed to give your child a cozy and comfortable night's sleep.
  • It features lead-free microfiber and a hypoallergenic finish to ensure baby doesn't have to come into contact with the wood while playing.
  • The threads of this bed rail cover are long enough and have reinforced stitching to prevent damage to the bed when baby bites on it.
  • This bed rail cover features a creative Biloban embossed design to keep bedding neat and tidy.
  • This easy to use crib cover with a handle on one side and a hole on the other side is easy to remove and install.

TILLYOU cot protection 4-piece set

8.5expert rating

The Editor's Choice

It works for curved cribs, is reversible, easy to wash and dry, and has rave reviews.

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  • easy to wash
  • easy to dry
  • Avoid chewing on the crib rails.


  • Check the size before purchasing
  • The laces could have been a bit longer.

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (8)

  • This bed rail set is brought to you by the renowned designer and manufacturer of baby products, TILLYOU, so that your little one can have a good night's sleep.
  • Made from 100% polyester microfiber, this TillYou crib cover is super soft and snuggly, making it gentle on your baby's skin.
  • It is equipped with 4 times thicker microfiber padding to prevent bruising and head injuries.
  • This reversible bed rail cover can be used on both sides to save you the hassle of frequent washing.
  • This three-piece rail cover is designed for 8" rails and offers excellent protection against damage.

TILLYOU 1 Pack Bed Rail Cover

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (9)

  • TillYou offers these silky smooth bed rail covers to provide premium protection for babies and cribs.
  • Made from super soft 200gsm microfiber fabric, this bed rail cover is hypoallergenic to protect your child's sensitive skin.
  • You don't have to worry if your baby bites the padded bed rail cover as it is colored with 100% safe premium dye.
  • It comes with easy to tie laces to secure the cover in place by threading it through the crib cover holes on the edges.


  • easy installation
  • Made of soft material
  • easy to store
  • easy to tie
  • Perfect for baby teething.


  • A little more padding would have been great.

3-piece cot protection for everyday use

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (10)

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  • The cradle protector is made of 100% microfiber material, which is equipped with 330 g/m² microfiber padding to offer the baby a lot of comfort.
  • Sold as a 3 piece set which includes 2 side rail covers and a long rail cover to ensure a perfect fit even with large cots.
  • This reversible rail protector is BPA, phthalate, lead and PVC free and is manufactured in accordance with CPSC/US Consumer Product Safety Commission and CPSIA/Consumer Safety Improvement Act standards. consumer products
  • With a roomier design than its counterparts, this product has one long side measuring 51 x 8 inches and two short sides measuring 27.5 x 8 inches to ensure a perfect fit.
  • The secure, single loop design keeps the crib protector intact to protect baby from being injured by the crib rails.

3-part CASAJA grid cover set

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (11)

  • This 3-piece crib protector from the well-known brand CaSaJa consists of 4 oz. Soft, textured microfiber material with a reversible design
  • This set has a long piece that measures 27 inches and short pieces that are 51 x 7 inches to fit even narrow crib rails.
  • Comes with breathable interior, has long cords to hold the railing and keep it intact to prevent babies from dying from toxic paint while protecting cribs from drooling and teeth marks.
  • This bed rail protector is presented in a clear pouch making it an excellent choice as a baby shower gift.

CribWrap Trend Lab Rail Cover

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (12)

  • Trend Lab's popular crib guards and covers are mother-invented products with special designs to protect babies from hazardous chemicals and paint chips in the crib, and to keep saliva stains and teeth marks off cribs.
  • Comes with a unique wrap and tie attachment to keep the crib cover secure and ensure long lasting protection.
  • This machine washable product is free from phthalates, PVC, lead and BPA making it a safe choice for your child.
  • The top of this bed rail cover is made of super soft sherpa fleece, and the soft fabric in the middle is lightly padded with a waterproof lining to keep baby dry at all times.

Biloban padded bed rail cover

The 10 Best Cot Covers to Buy in 2023 - Prices, Guide (13)

  • This padded bed rail cover from Biloban is a safe choice for your baby as it protects them from harmful substances while biting the crib and protects them from biting and chipping.
  • It features an innovative Biloban quilt design to make your kids room attractive and stress-free.
  • It's made from 100% hypoallergenic and lead-free microfiber material to ensure your child doesn't come into contact with hard wood.
  • The front part of this product is made of polyester, while the back part is made of polyester terry cloth and has cords with reinforced stitching.
  • This cot protector is an eco-friendly product and is BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead free.

Frequently asked questions about cribs

How do children usually get injured in their crib?

  • 2/3 of injuries in cribs are due to children falling or jumping
  • 15% of injuries occurred because babies fell into cribs.
  • 6% of these occurred when babies got stuck or got stuck in their cribs.

However, there is good news. Most of these injuries are not serious. Remember, if your child is taller than 35 inches, it may be time to put them in a toddler bed. (Source:WebMD)

How to choose the right crib

Here are some of the key points to consider before purchasing:

  • Always choose safety over price
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a list of recalls. Visit website for make and year of manufacture for recalls
  • Do not opt ​​for hanging side rails as these are the most dangerous. Also, avoid old or used cribs (Those), since in most cases they can be dangerous
  • The slats of the crib should be 2.375 inches so that no part of the baby's body is pinched (Those)
  • There must be no broken edges.
  • Check screws, paint (peeling paint), and other fasteners. Be sure to only use repair hardware from the manufacturer
  • The mattress used must be firm to present SIDS in babies.
  • The mattress should fit snugly and stay firmly on the frame.
  • Keep the crib away from windows. Birds, lizards or strong winds can pose a hazard.

Is a crib cover safe?

Cot covers are designed to protect your child. For example, children can pick up wood chips when teething and these covers will protect them from that. Before purchasing the product, make sure it does not contain phthalates or BPA, lead or PVC.

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Are bed rail covers necessary?

Yes, it is mandatory if you have a wooden bed. Babies chew wood when teething and there is a risk of injury or infection of the gums. Also, the chips can further damage the baby's sensitive gums.

As a parent, you will worry about your baby chewing on the cribs and leaving unsightly teeth marks on the expensive crib. To get rid of those worries, just buy the best crib cover from the list we have compiled above.


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